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This deviation was deleted

Ditto on the composition - very well done and it's a great street corner. Really like the Girl sign and the steam in the background. Makes the photo very interesting without being distracting. The model is gorgeous and I love the pose, her face really draws you in. From the eyebrows to the chin is just strikingly beautiful. I'm not a big fan of that coat, not sure why but it's a bit distracting to me. Probably has to do with how well focused it is, I mean looking around her shoulders and back you see the frizz off the coat, which pulls a bit on my eyes. My only question on this is the overall photo quality - were you intending to make it an 'old fashioned' sort of look? While I'd rate this a 9/10, the one thing I question is the amount of noise involved - from the tip of her nose to the left it gets very heavy, then from her shoulders back to the right side again. If the noise were somewhat limited on her face and arm/hand, it wouldn't be so distracting.

Still, I love the composition and would again rate this a 9/10. Nicely done!
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